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January - December 2005 - KNG have completed the underground house track "Spy Gliding (Fly By Night Mix)".
NYC Film Production company Cinemantics has tapped Kayro's talent to score the music for their short film 'Snap-Pop'. This film will be released along with 9 other short films about various New York impressions on DVD later this year.

April - December 2004 - The track "Pirates" by the Three Kings (End of the Week Crew) and produced by Kayro will be released on their new full length album.
KNG have finished 2 new House tracks and are in production of a third.
4 Duppie Killer tracks have been completed!

Januray - March 2004 - Kayro designed and programmed all the alert/login/status change etc. sounds for the new 'High Security Instant Messenger Solution for the Financial Market' implemented by Reuters America, Inc.
The "Impressions Collector" album is also available for download at iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, MusicNet, MusicMatch, BuyMusic and others...
Kayro and fellow german Producer Georg Bissen are working on a new deep/french house tracks under the moniker KNG.

December 2003 - The Duppie Killer tracks are finished !! Look for the 12" vinyl release some time next year.
NYC HipHop Gurus 'The Three Kings' a/k/a Big Zoo, Prolific Wone and Vice Verses featuring Nonezeo (EOW Crew) have partnered up with Kayro for new tracks.
The songs "Never Again" and "Foolish Pride" by Allido Records Artist 'Alice' are finished. Produced and co-written by Kayro.

November 2003 - The new Matina 4-Song EP is finished - produced and recorded at Turningheadz Studios and mixed at Manhattan Center Studios (www.mcp-studios.com).
The hit song "Radioactive" from Kyler England's fantastic album "A Flower Grows In Stone" on Gypsy Rock Records (www.kylerengland.com) has received the remix treatment by Kayro.

October 2003 – Mixing Engineer Richard Furch (www.tribaseproductions.com) is sprinkling his magic all over the Duppie Killer drum'n'bass gems.

June - September 2003 - DJ QMaxx420 (www.qmaxx420.com) and Kayro form the live drum'n'bass DJ and Production outfit 'Duppie Killer'.
DJ Kayro brings his special blend of atmospheric and indian drum'n'bass to NYC.

April 2003 - Kayros' track "War..." was chosen to be the #1 song on Ashram Records (www.ashramrecords.com) new anti-war compilation.
Kayro contributes two remixes of "Edge Of Bliss" by Boris Berlin (member of german Trance act 'Teutonica') under the moniker of 'Peacemaker' - to be released on ZYX Music.

December 2002 - DMA Magazine has reviewed "Impressions Collector" in their Dec '02 issue: "[...] it's hard to ignore and not respect the quality of composition and production he's put into this release. [...] I like the funk of "Turningheadz Pt.1", "Patience" and "This Moment", and the raw electronics of "Get Away With Murder". You might be pleasantly surprised too."

October 2002 - Soundtrack Express, Inc. has singled out and signed the entire "Impressions Collector" album for licensing to TV and Radio advertisement.

08/07/02 - Kayro plays guitar on new club hit track "Party Like A Thug" by R&B singer Tank feat. Big Tymers. Produced by Mannie Fresh from Cash Money Millionaires.(BTW, I never got paid nor received credit on the album! Thanks Blackground Records for being a great role model for a corrupt and greedy Music Industry. Kiss my white a**).

July 2002 - Kayro produces a disco house remix of "Do It Any Way You Wanna" for a possible Philly Soul Remix Album for Sony Legacy.

June 2002 - The CD "Kayro - Impressions Collector" is HERE!! Featuring 11 of Kayros electronic compositions all arranged, produced, performed, recorded and some of them mixed by himself. Listen to tracks and purchase it on CDBaby.com.

October 2001 - Kayro completes his drum'n'bass remix of Public Enemys "By The Time I Get To Arizona" under the moniker 'Da Botschafta des Beats'.

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